Countryside events programme 2015

Events book 2015

We run a range of events to encourage more and more people to visit our sites and enjoy the countryside.

Not all of our countryside events are bookable online, many require you to contact a specific visitor centre. You can use our online event search to find out about certain events, but you can find the full programme attached to this page.

Our countryside events brochure provides an overview of what's on throughout the year. Each listing shows the event title, description, day, start time, where to meet, equipment required, cost and location.

Contact details are given for our centres. They can provide further details about the events they run.

This year we have a variety of events from seasonal events, family fun and festivals to skilled woodcraft and photography workshops, wildlife and heritage events. There's something for everyone with plenty of opportunities to keep you active and interested.

All our events are listed month-by-month in the brochure. Download a copy for more information.

You can also subscribe online to receive a free copy of our annual countryside brochure.

You might also be interested in viewing all the events we run across Derbyshire on our events page.

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