Local nature reserves


Local nature reserves are managed for the benefit of both people and wildlife. We now manage 13 sites within Derbyshire.

Local nature reserves are sites for people and nature. They provide opportunities for people to enjoy, study or learn about nature.

There are more than 1,400 local nature reserves in England with 46 in Derbyshire. We are responsible for 13 of these.

They are:

Our reserves support a wide variety of habitats including woodlands, wetlands, meadows and grasslands, rivers, lakes and ponds. Many also support protected, rare or uncommon species.

The sites have a mixture of histories from former pits to disused railway lines and historic canals as well as areas of natural habitat on undisturbed land.

All the sites are recognised as being very important for wildlife and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has designated most of them as Local Wildlife Sites. Two are also designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

We hope that by managing these sites we can protect and enhance the habitats, support the species that depend on them and provide local people with opportunities to enjoy nature.

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