Rights of way enquiries

Here you can report a problem or make a general enquiry about public rights of way in Derbyshire.

Report it now

You can report a problem with a public right of way online. You can help us to quickly locate where the issue is and even upload a photograph. Reporting online will ensure that your enquiry will be directed the relevant inspector as quickly as possible.

Check the status of your enquiry

If you have a reference number you can check the status of your enquiry (opens in a new window).

General enquiries

If you have a general enquiry about public rights of way or you need to send more than one photograph or annotated plan, email: eteprow@derbyshire.gov.uk

Please ensure that in your email:

  • you tell us your full name, address, postcode and the best way to contact you
  • you give as much detail as possible such as location (with grid references if possible), date and time
  • your attachments overall do not exceed 5MB in size.

The officer who deals with the district into which your enquiry falls will respond as soon as possible.

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