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Made in Derbyshire: Laureate Poems

Many thanks to Helen Mort who has finished her tenure as Derbyshire Poet Laureate.

We have published 'Made in Derbyshire: Laureate Poems' which includes all the poems Helen wrote during her laureateship along with a selection of poems written by participants in workshops.

The book is available to borrow from Derbyshire Libraries or you can buy a copy. Please contact Ali Betteridge email: for more details.

We'd like to thank all of our Derbyshire Poets Laureate - Helen Mort, Matt Black, River Wolton, Cathy Grindrod and the late Ann Atkinson - for the wonderful poems they've written and events they've led over the last 10 years.

Although we are not running the scheme again we continue to work with Derbyshire poets, so if you have ideas for a poetry event or project do get in touch with Ali Betteridge, literature development officer tel: 01773 831359 or email:

If you enjoy poetry, why not sign up for our Derbyshire poem a month blog (opens in a new window) to receive a poem in your inbox on the first day of each month.

Laureate publications

If you would like to read poems written by our previous poets laureate Matt Black, Ann Atkinson, River Wolton and Cathy Grindrod, the following anthologies are available to borrow in Derbyshire Libraries:

  • Footsteps and Fuddles: No Map but the Sky - Matt Black
  • From Matlock to Mamelodi: 5000 miles of poetry with the Derbyshire Poet Laureate - Ann Atkinson
  • You are Here: Travels of a Derbyshire Poet Laureate - River Wolton
  • Laureate Lines: poems from the first Derbyshire Poet Laureate - Cathy Grindrod.

If you would like to buy copies of the books please contact Ali Betteridge, literature development officer tel: 01773 831359 or email:

The books cost £7.99.

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