Derbyshire's waste strategy review

Recycle week

Plans for dealing with Derbyshire's waste in the future have been reviewed. Derbyshire councils are working together to look at ways of helping you to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost more - and we have been asking what you think.

In Derbyshire and Derby we still produce around 450,000 tonnes of household waste per year − that's enough to fill 160 Olympic size swimming pools.  The good news is that households are throwing away less waste than they used to as well as recycling and composting more.

However, there is still around 245,000 tonnes of waste being thrown away every year. Half of which could have been recycled or composted.

We've reviewed the 2006 waste strategy Looking after Derbyshire's Waste. As part of the review, draft strategy and individual council waste action plans have been produced.

The review has focused on ways to prevent, reuse, recycle and compost more waste.

Dealing with waste leftover after recycling and composting was not included in the review. This waste is dealt with under a long term waste contact already in place.

We have been asking for your comments on:

  • the proposed vision and objectives of the revised strategy.
  • Local waste action plans for each council in Derbyshire which detail proposed activities planned over the next five years.
  • A draft Environment Report produced as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) completed alongside the strategy. The SEA helps to identify if there any impacts from the strategy on the environment. If there are impacts how the negative ones can be reduced and positive ones increased.

The revised draft strategy document, draft local action plans and supporting information can be found below.

The consultation closed on Friday 14 February. We will now be considering all the comments and questionnaires which we have received.

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