Perfect portions

Perfect portions The quickest way to reduce the amount of food we waste, and cut our food bill, is by making sure we have the proper measure of our food.

The online portion planner at (opens in a new window) takes away the guesswork by suggesting how much food to prepare based on the number of people you're cooking for. It's simple and takes away the guesswork.

Every kitchen needs a few basic gadgets to hand to maximise efficiency and keep cooking fun. Putting the lid on your food waste once and for all takes just four pieces of key kitchen kit:-

  • A mug - an average size mug is great for measuring uncooked rice. One adult portion is about 1/4 mug
  • The humble tablespoon - good for measuring portions of beans, lentils, sugar and dried fruit
  • A spaghetti measurer - will make life much easier if you're unsure how much to cook. If you've not got one to hand then try our simple DIY version in LFHW's kitchen survival kit (at the bottom of the page)
  • Weighing scales - avoid cooking too much by getting in the habit of using the kitchen scales - they are great for measuring everyday portions.

Don't forget, food packaging often has a guideline amount to cook per portion. Some even have handy portioning lines on the side to help you measure the right amount without having to break out the scales. And don't panic if you cook too much there are lots of ways you can store food and use it again. See Savvy storage.