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Recycling paper is easy and we want you to do more of it. In Derbyshire we still throw away about 10,000 tonnes of paper each year which could've been recycled.



  • Blank sides of paper and envelopes may be useful for note taking, lists or children's drawings.
  • Carefully unwrapped Christmas wrapping paper can be reused.
  • Small amounts of paper such as shredded paper and receipts can be composted in a home compost bin.


All district and borough councils in Derbyshire collect a wide range of paper for recycling from your kerbside, including:

  • brochures
  • catalogues
  • junk mail
  • directories
  • newspapers
  • magazines.

Some will also collect other types of paper such as envelopes, shredded paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper and brown paper.

All you need to do is put it in the right recycling bin, bag or box for your area and leave it out for your district or borough council to empty on your collection day.

Check with your local council − the one you pay your council tax bill to − to find out exactly what they collect using the links on this page and whether there is anything extra you could be recycling.

You can also take paper to our household waste recycling centres. 

Any Christmas cards and wrapping paper brought into our sites can't be sent for recycling due to the likely presence of glitter, glue, ribbon, plastic and sellotape. These materials will be placed in the residual waste container.

Facts about paper recycling

  • It takes seven days for a recycled newspaper to come back as a newspaper again.
  • Paper produced from virgin raw material uses far more energy and water than if we recycle our unwanted paper.

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