Electrical appliances and equipment

How to reduce, reuse, recycle or dispose of electrical appliances and equipment.


  • Use wind-up or solar powered appliances where possible

  • Buy good quality items that are guaranteed to last longer


If they are in good working order you could:

  • Give them to family and friends

  • Sell on an online auction site

  • Donate to a furniture project (check with them first that they can accept it)


  • Sometimes you can return broken, unwanted or old appliances back to the manufacturer - please check with them before doing so.


  • Some local district, borough and city councils offer a Bulky Collection Service. Find out how to contact your local district, borough or city council by visiting our other councils page

  • You can take your electricals to your nearest household waste recycling centres to be recycled

For more information on recycling electricals please read our electrical waste page

Beyond the bank

Take a look and see what happens to your electricals once they reach the recycling plant.

Beyond the bank (Click on an image to enlarge)