Environmental management

Our Economy, Transport and Environment department has an environmental management system that is certified to the internationally recognised standard BS EN ISO 14001. We are committed to putting the principles of sustainable development into action in everything we do in line with our environment policy.

The department promotes the council's commitment to continual environmental improvement, the prevention of pollution and compliance with relevant environmental legislation and voluntary obligations through the implementation and review of our Environment Management System (EMS).

The EMS provides a structured way of controlling the environmental impacts of delivering our services and helping to ensure that we conform to our corporate environment policy. It enables the department to set out its environmental priorities with agreed roles and responsibilities, which are supported by measurable objectives and targets within an overall programme.

In this way, we are able to identify specific risks and apply appropriate control mechanisms. Then we review our performance through checking, monitoring and audits carried out by our own trained environmental auditors and our accredited external auditor. This enables us to continually improve in terms of protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment, using resources efficiently, preventing pollution and minimising waste.

Lessons learnt in one area of our activities have been used in others, so quickly spreading the message of good environmental practice throughout our department and shared with other departments.


Enquiries during normal office hours should be via the call centre:

Tel: 01629 533190

Or you can write to:

The Policy and Monitoring Team
Derbyshire County Council
Economy, Transport and Communities
Shand House
Dale Road South

email: planningpolicy@derbyshire.gov.uk

We have new responsibilities and duties in our role as the Lead Local Flood Authority under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Guidance on flood risk management issues.

For other environmental enquiries that are the responsibility of other organisations, you should contact:

  • Your district or borough council's environmental health department on local environmental services, such as domestic waste collection, blocked road drains, noise and nuisance, animal welfare, household pest control or dog fouling.
  • The Environment Agency about incidents related to regulating major industry and waste, water quality (such as watercourse pollution) or the treatment of contaminated land. For general enquiries tel: 03708 506 506. For emergencies tel: 0800 80 70 60.

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