Flood contingency plans

We've prepared two types of contingency plan related to flood risk.

The generic Flood Contingency Plan relates to flooding from rivers and other watercourses (fluvial flooding), flash flooding associated with heavy rainfall, particularly in steep sided valley catchments, groundwater from elevated water tables and surface water (pluvial flooding).

All of these types of flooding have been experienced in Derbyshire, particularly in the summer floods of 2007 and more recently in 2012. This plan has been produced in line with guidance from DEFRA, it is intended to inform and guide those managing the response to a flood emergency.

The second type of plan relates to the potential for reservoir inundation. This type of event is considered as low likelihood but the impacts would be very serious. Again, following advice from DEFRA, contingency plans are under preparation for some specific reservoirs in Derbyshire and a generic plan for all the others.

More detail and information about these plans can be found on the Derbyshire Prepared (opens in a new window) website.