Asset Register

Under Section 21 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) (opens in a new window) Derbyshire County Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority are required to maintain a register of assets or features which are considered by us to have a significant impact on flood risk. This could include a wide variety of different assets and features including culverts, weirs, bridges and a multitude of other structures which have the potential to affect flow of water.


We have the power to deem a feature or asset as a significant flood risk management asset.

If this is the case for a given structure, our permission will be required if any alterations or changes are to be made to these structures.

Owners of assets and features on the asset register have a duty to maintain their assets and ensure that they are fully operational. 

We have the power to enforce the owners of registered assets to carry out this duty. 

The location of features and assets included in the significant risk asset register are available to view on request by contacting our Flood Risk Team by email