CAF/Early Help (single assessment)

The CAF/Early Help (single assessment) is a standard intervention framework that can be used by all services working with children and young people.

The framework includes a common assessment tool which:

  • Is used across all services working with children, young people and families, for engaging families in identifying and prioritising need and agreeing an action plan to meet agreed family objectives. It also helps to monitor the effectiveness of an early intervention
  • Is a common form for recording this assessment
  • Is a holistic assessment completed with the family that summarises a family's strengths, needs and their goals
  • Is designed to be shared between services and used as a starting point for planning coordinated multi-agency action
  • Is a consent-based process - we need the agreement of a parent/carer or of a competent young person/old child before using the CAF (Early Help Assessment).

For more information about CAF/Early Help(single assessment) please contact Claire Cooper, tel 01629 532084, or go to the CAF/Early Help (single assessment) section of the Derbyshire County Council website( (opens in a new window)).