Walk to school

Parent, child and road safety staff member walking to school

Walk to School is an international campaign to encourage more children to make the daily journey to and from school on foot. Here you can find out how we support the campaign in Derbyshire.

Walk to School promotes a healthier lifestyle and a better environment. It also encourages children, parents and carers and schools to take part in events that give them a taste of what it is like to walk to school. Children with special needs or disabilities can also take part. For example, in a past Walk to School week a school arranged for taxis to park away from school and the children were escorted to and from this point.

Why have a walk to school campaign?

Increased use of the car in the last 10 years has led to concerns about safety, health and the environment. The Road Traffic Reduction Act (1997), means that we have to consider how to ease the problems created by excess traffic.

Spotlight on the school run

The chauffeuring of children to and from school has become a focus of attention following the Government's White Paper on Integrated Transport (1998). This gives particular emphasis to national initiatives

"to encourage more children to get to school other than by car."

Therefore in Derbyshire, during national Walk to School campaigns, we also encourage children to Travel Smart. That is to make their journey to school by bicycle, car share or public transport where this is appropriate and especially in circumstances where walking to school isn't possible.

Local Transport Plan

Derbyshire's Local Transport Plan this year stresses the importance of walking and cycling for short journeys.

Schools can help by developing Walk to School initiatives that highlight priorities for a safer environment for pedestrians.

You can find out more and read our full local transport plan on our transport policy and planning page.

What are the benefits of walking to school?

  • It is an opportunity for parents and carers to teach and develop their children's road safety skills.
  • It gives schools the opportunity to reinforce the road safety messages and skills talked about in the classroom.
  • Walking is healthy exercise and less stressful than driving.
  • Walking reduces the dependency on private cars for regular school journeys .
  • A way of reducing traffic congestion, especially outside schools.
  • Better air quality. Traffic fumes contribute to air pollution and asthma attacks increase when the air quality is poor. In Derbyshire a third of pupils in some classes carry inhalers.
  • On the whole children are more alert and aware when they arrive at school.

To obtain further information and free resources contact:

Road Safety Team
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall

email: roadsafety@derbyshire.gov.uk

We also support national Walk to School week in October and March each year with a series of events and activities run with schools. You can find more information in our road safety section at these times.

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