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We provide approximately 34,000 primary, secondary and special school meals per day. These meals are cooked and served in 380 kitchens and dining centres.

Primary school meals

Recommended selling price

£2 per day (from 7 September 2015).


  • main course meat or fish dish
  • main course vegetarian dish
  • freshly made sandwiches and jacket potatoes on request
  • potatoes, rice or pasta with vegetables or salad
  • choice of pudding every day
  • fresh salad available every day
  • fresh fruit available every day
  • fruit juice drink and water available every day.

Facts about primary school meals in Derbyshire

  • primary and secondary menus comply with the Government nutritional standards
  • all recipes are low in sugar and fat
  • daily servings of vegetables, salad and fresh fruit
  • oven baking of dishes in preference to frying
  • home-cooked dishes with quality ingredients, that are locally sourced where possible
  • all ingredients are checked for unnecessary additives and allergens
  • bread served as an accompaniment to the meal
  • special medically referred diets can usually be catered for.

Payment for primary school meals can be made by cash or cheque. Contact your child's school for more information.

Secondary school meals

Schools offer a cafeteria style service where all items are individually priced as well as offering a meal deal.

Meal deals change daily and are made up of a balanced two course meal for a cost of £2.10 or £2.35 including a drink. A choice of hot and cold desserts, yoghurts and fresh fruit are also available. A variety of healthier drinks are on offer with fresh drinking water readily available.

The free school meal allowance for secondary students is £2.35 per day. This is automatically credited to the pupil's account and allows them to take advantage of the £2.35 Meal Deal. Additional monies can be credited if desired.

Most schools offer cashless payment systems using either card or biometric methods.

Many of the schools provide a breakfast and morning break service where a wide range of items are available.


As part of improvements to our primary menu we no longer add salt or have salt available in the dining rooms. Wherever possible we use lower fat and lower sugar recipes. We ensure that there are no unnecessary additives and products are free from hydrogenated fat or oil.

Our menu fully meets the requirements of the Nutrient Standards and you can see how by viewing our nutrient based standards graph which is attached to this page.

For more information on the nutrient based standards and how they affect your child's lunch, please visit the Children's Food Trust website or see our link below.

Derbyshire schools now serving free range eggs

After reaching the nutritional standards set by the government for primary school menus, well ahead of schedule our catering department is now focusing on working towards more locally sourced menu items and more farm assured produce for the menus.

Following an extensive search to find an egg producer that could cater for all 394 schools we are pleased to announce that all our eggs are now sourced from an award winning family run business that has won the coveted National Egg Quality Award.

The free range eggs are produced from birds that are free to roam in farms that are found within the west Pennine region. All the layer farms are monitored by both the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme which ensures that layer welfare and product qualities are adhered to on all producer farms.

The eggs are also stamped with the British Lion Quality logo which means that the eggs have been produced to the highest accredited food safety standards.

We won the Good Egg Award in 2009.

Food safety

Assured safe catering and hazard analysis policies protect all our customers. Food is temperature checked on delivery, during storage and prior to service.

All catering staff are trained to at least food safety level 2 (CIEH). Food safety checks take place throughout the production process from food suppliers to food service.

Customer services

Regular customer focus groups ensure that we meet our customers' changing needs. Our health promotions officer co-ordinates healthy eating initiatives within schools.

The catering service provides support for schools working towards Health Promoting Schools Awards. They regularly attend school open evenings and new starters events to introduce parents to the catering service provided and answer any questions they may have.

Our interactive website, My School Lunch, has a wealth of information on it which will help pupils, teachers and parents better understand how to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

If you have any queries of feedback regarding the service please email: or tel: 01629 536704.

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