Determination of schools' admission arrangements 2013/2014

The admission arrangements for maintained schools in Derbyshire have been determined for the 2013/14 school year.

Changes to Admission Arrangements for Community and Controlled Schools for 2013/14

One minor change is made to the normal areas of Ashover Primary School and Deer Park Primary School to make the normal area of Ashover Primary coterminous with the parish boundary.

The new School Admissions Code sets out additional groups of children who are exceptions to the infant class size regulations. These are: children who were looked after but ceased to be because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order); twins and children of multiple births when one of the siblings is the 30th child admitted and children of UK service personnel admitted outside the normal admission round.

The Local Government Ombudsman recommended that we reconsidered our oversubscription criteria to ensure we complied with the Admissions Code. In view of this, the oversubscription criteria for Community and Controlled schools currently without a tie breaker for normal area or feeder applications are amended so that all schools have a distance tie-breaker for applicants living in the normal area (or, where applicable, for applicants attending a feeder school). 

The new general oversubscription criteria for community and controlled have been amended and are attached.

Changes to Published Admission Numbers [PANs] 

Community and controlled schools

  • Tibshelf Community - from 160 to 150

  • Burbage Primary - from 50 to 46

  • Hadfield Infant - from 80 to 70

  • Pottery Primary - from 60 to 45

  • Croft Community Infant - from 50 to 60

  • Richardson Endowed Primary - from 20 to 25

  • Crich Carr CE VC Primary - from 10 to 8

  • Buxton Infant - from 70 to 60

  • Buxworth Primary - from 13 to 15

Voluntary aided schools

  • Dinting CE Voluntary Aided Primary - from 25 to 17

Schools with Published Admission Numbers (PAN) less than the Indicative Admission Number (IAN)

This applies to the following schools:

  • Brooklands Primary School, Long Eaton - PAN 60 (IAN 63)

  • Duffield Meadows Primary School - PAN 40 (IAN 42)

  • Marlpool Junior School, Heanor - PAN 47 (IAN 52)

  • Richardson Endowed Primary School, Smalley - PAN 20 (IAN 22)

  • Spire Junior School, Chesterfield - PAN 50 (IAN 51)

  • Springwell Community School, Staveley - PAN 170 (IAN 191)

Fair Access Protocols

The Fair Access Protocols have changed to ensure their compliance with the new School Admissions Code. In summary, the proposed changes are:

  • Confirmation that the Protocol will be triggered when an eligible child has not secured a place under the in-year admissions procedure.

  • The categories of children to be included as a minimum have been updated in line with the new Code. 

  • A description of the circumstances under which a school can refuse to admit a child with challenging behaviour, even though there are places available, and refer the case for action under the Fair Access Protocol, has been added.

Copies of the Primary and Secondary Fair Access Protocols are attached.

Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme 

There are minor changes to the co-ordinated admissions scheme to ensure its compliance with the new school admissions code. In summary, the changes are:

  • To bring forward the primary offer date to 16 April in 2013 from 30 April in 2012.

  • Later closing dates for appeals to allow parents 20 school days (formerly 10 school days) to lodge their appeal in accordance with the new School Admission Appeals Code.

  • With 98.5% of parents now choosing to make their applications and access decisions online, decisions only to be sent by post where appropriate.

  • The final secondary offer exchange with other LAs moved from 25 January in 2012 to 1 February in 2013.

  • The completion of secondary allocations moved from 1 February in 2012 to 8 February in 2013.

  • Parents to now be allowed to change their preferences after the closing date subject to it being possible to action the request dependent upon the point in the process that it is received. 

  • The revised version of the School Admissions Code which came into force on 1 February 2012 removes the requirement for local authorities to co-ordinate in-year admissions for the offer year 2013/14 and all subsequent years. 

The Code does, however, still require:

  • "Local Authorities to provide on request information to parents about the availability of places in schools within its area, and provide suitable forms for parents to complete when applying for a school place at any school."

  • "Own admission authority schools to, on receipt of an in-year application, notify the local authority of both the application, and its outcome, to allow the local authority to keep up to date figures on the availability of places in the area. The admission authority must also inform parents of their right to appeal against the refusal of a place."

Before the requirement for full inter-authority co-ordination came into effect in September 2010, we had already operated an in-year co-ordinated scheme within the county for a number of years.

The scheme allowed parents the option to approach schools directly and, where places were available, to offer places directly to parents. Following the DfE consultation on changes to the school admissions code, and in advance of the publication of the revised code, we proposed that a return to the in-year arrangements previously operated in Derbyshire would meet the requirements of the revised code once it came into force and avoid any additional administrative burden being placed on schools.

A copy of the coordinated admissions scheme is attached.

Admission arrangements - 2012/13

Our current general arrangements for the management of admissions, published admission numbers, admissions criteria and related information for parents are set out in "How to apply for a place at Secondary/Primary School - A guide for parents 2012/13."

Details of existing normal areas maps can be found as links from the school detail pages in the school names and addresses section and have been subject to annual consultation.

Alternatively, you can enter your postcode into an interactive tool (via the Find your nearest school section) to find out the normal area school for a particular address.

Admission arrangements - 2013/14

Current general arrangements for the management of admissions, published admission numbers, admissions criteria and related information for parents are contained in "How to apply for a place at Primary School - A guide for parents 2012/13" and "How to apply for a place at Secondary School - A guide for parents 2012/13".

Apart from the above amendments no other changes to the 2012/13 arrangements have been made to those for 2013/14.

Admission Arrangements for Schools which are their own admission authority

The admission policies for these schools are attached (they will be added as we receive them from the school).

  • All Saints CE Voluntary Aided Primary School

  • Belmont Primary School

  • Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

  • Bishop Pursglove CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Bonsall CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Brookfield Community School

  • Camms Endowed CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Carsington and Hopton C of E (A) Primary School

  • Chinley Primary School

  • Christ the King Catholic Primary School

  • Dinting CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Denby Free CE (Aided) Primary School

  • English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

  • Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School

  • Fitzherbert CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Fritchley CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Friesland School

  • Hathersage St Michael's Church of England (Aided) Primary School

  • Heanor Gate Science College

  • Hope Valley College

  • Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary School

  • John Port School

  • Killamarsh St Giles' CE Primary School

  • Kirk Hallam Technology and Sports College

  • Lady Manners School

  • Linton Primary School

  • Litton CE Aided Primary School

  • Longstone CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Mill Hill School

  • Netherthorpe School

  • Newbold CE Primary School

  • Newton Solney CE Voluntary Aided Infant School

  • Ormiston Enterprise Academy

  • Pennine Way Junior School

  • Pilsley CE Aided Primary School

  • Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

  • Redhill Primary School

  • Scargill CE (Aided) Primary School

  • Shirebrook Academy

  • St Andrew's CE / Methodist Primary School (Dronfield)

  • St Anne's Catholic Primary School (Buxton)

  • St Charles's Catholic Primary School

  • St Edward's Catholic Primary School

  • St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School

  • St George's CE (Aided) Primary School

  • St Giles' CE (Aided) Primary School (Matlock)

  • St John Houghton Catholic School

  • St Joseph's Catholic And Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School

  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Matlock)

  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Shirebrook)

  • St Laurence CE (Aided) Primary School

  • St Margaret's Catholic Primary School

  • St Mary's Catholic High School

  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Chesterfield)

  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Glossop)

  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School (New Mills)

  • St Philip Howard Catholic School

  • St Thomas Catholic Primary School

  • St Thomas More Catholic School - Science College

  • Taddington and Priestcliffe CE Aided Primary School

  • The Curzon CE (Aided) Primary School

  • The Ecclesbourne School

  • The Ilkeston Ormiston Academy

  • The Long Eaton School

  • The Pingle School

  • Tintwistle CE Primary School

  • Turnditch CE Voluntary Aided Primary School

  • Weston on Trent CE (Aided) Primary School

  • William Gilbert CE Endowed Primary School 


Any person or body who considers that any maintained school or academy's arrangements are unlawful or not in compliance with the code or relevant law relating to admissions, can make an objection to the schools adjudicator.

Objections must be made to the adjudicator by 30 June (unless it was not reasonably practicable for such a referral to have been received in time).

Further information about how to make an objection can be obtained from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (opens in a new window)

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