Educational psychology service

Educational psychologists work with of children and young people in a range of settings including early years, schools and colleges. We advise staff, other professionals, parents and carers on ways of supporting children in their educational, emotional and social development.

We deal with children and young people up to 25 years old. Educational psychologists have training and qualifications relating to education and child development and are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (opens in a new window)

Educational psychology involvement

If you or the school staff notice any difficulties that your child is having with learning or relationships, the first stage is to discuss it and try to find ways of helping them. If this doesn't bring the changes wanted, it may be helpful to seek further advice from other services or the educational psychologist.

An educational psychologist can only get involved with children with the written permission of all those with parental responsibility. We'll ask you to sign our consent form. Often we have to become involved at different key points in a child's education, so your consent will remain in place throughout the child's schooling. However, before agreeing to any new request for involvement we'll contact you again.

It is not always necessary for the educational psychologist to see your child for things to change. They might talk to you and the school staff to offer their advice. If a more direct involvement is needed the educational psychologist will try to gain a better understanding of your child's strengths and difficulties through:

  • meeting and talking with you
  • talking with staff
  • observing in the classroom or playground
  • talking to your child on their own or with you there if you wish
  • looking at school work
  • using activities or tests with them.

You have the right to be present when the educational psychologist is with your child if you wish. Sometimes it can be reassuring to an anxious or very young child. In other circumstances it can be off-putting to the child. You're likely to know best how your child will respond.

How you can help

Your views and knowledge are important in helping the educational psychologist to understand your child's needs. You can help by:

  • telling the educational psychologist about your child, including his or her strengths
  • letting the educational psychologist know what your child is like at home
  • preparing any questions you'd like to ask.

Confidentiality and records

The educational psychologist will make notes and may write to you and the school about what they think and what advice they offer. All of their notes, letters and reports will be kept securely and privately.

Further information on what we do with personal data, including how long we keep it, is set out in our privacy notice

We aim to work closely with other services and professionals (for example, teachers and health professionals) to provide the best support for your child and it is important for us to share information.

We also have an information sharing agreement with our partner agencies

Wherever possible we'll discuss the reasons for sharing information with you and ask for your consent. In some circumstances, when we feel that you or others are at risk, we may share information without your consent. We share information in line with the Data Protection Act and agreed information sharing protocols.


The principal and deputy principal educational psychologists are based in County Hall, Matlock. The teams of educational psychologists, together with their senior educational psychologist managers, are based in one of three other offices. These office bases correspond roughly with the areas of Derbyshire in which the educational psychologists work.

Every maintained school and academy has a named educational psychologist and they will undertake most of the work in that setting. You can find out the name of the educational psychologist for any school or academy by contacting one of the office bases.


Educational Psychology Service
High Peak and Derbyshire Dales
Kents Bank Road
SK17 9HR

Tel:01629 533535


Educational Psychology Service
Derbyshire County Council
Peter Webster Centre
Sheffield Road
S41 8LQ

Tel: 01629 532735


Educational Psychology Service
Derbyshire County Council
Denby Centre
Prospect Road

Tel: 01629 533815


Educational Psychology Service
County Hall

Tel: 01629 536850

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