White Hall

Situated in a stunning location in the beautiful Peak District National Park, White Hall Outdoor Education Centre has given thousands of young people wonderful, memorable experiences since it opened in 1951 as Britain's first local education authority outdoor centre.

White Hall is located three miles outside of the Spa town of Buxton, close to the picturesque Goyt Valley. We are ideally located to deliver a wide range of educational, challenging and adventurous activities.

When you come to us you will have:

  • experienced and highly qualified instructors
  • courses individually planned with you to meet your student's needs
  • activities that take you to real rock faces, reservoirs and hills
  • high quality facilities and home cooked food
  • a caring and welcoming environment
  • an inclusive price of instruction, activities and accommodation.

And a lot more!

Our courses are packed full of excitement and adventure, leading to an amazing amount of learning taking place. Using activities and the residential experience, we can help young people develop in alternative ways to what they can in the school environment.

We give learning a real relevance, focusing on personal development and the skills needed to work with others.

Read on or contact us for more information.

If you'd like we're very happy to show you around White Hall and discuss your course, please phone to arrange a visit.

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