High Peak Community Arts

High Peak Community Arts High Lee Hall New Mills Derbyshire SK22 3BW
01663 744516

About High Peak Community Arts

High Peak Community Arts provides opportunities for people to participate in high quality creative arts projects, enhancing their quality of life through self expression. We focus on those who have least access to arts and culture, benefiting some of the most hard to reach and isolated individuals and groups in the community. Our participants include those affected by disability, lack of resources or encouragement, rural isolation and other personal or social circumstances. We provide first and onward opportunities for participants of all ages, interests and abilities, to experiment with the creative arts, including film, digital arts, crafts, performance and visual arts; and to create work that reflects and celebrates life. Our three main strands of activity: Enable young people to engage and participate in creative arts activities; Develop arts based initiatives for adults and elders to improve their health and well-being; Respond to real community needs and concerns within our local area through direct, locally provided project activity. Please see our website for the latest programme.

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Please see our website for further information www.highpeakarts.org

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