Derbyshire Skills Festival

Derbyshire Skills Festival 2015

Derbyshire Skills Festival is the largest careers information and guidance event for young people in Derbyshire, with 11,000 people visiting this year.

It was a chance for young people aged 15 to 19 to find out about their options and make the right choices for their future.

The three-day festival, which was held in Chesterfield and Derby, has become more and more popular since young people now have to stay in education or training until they're 18.

Young people and their parents and carers met representatives from colleges, sixth forms, apprenticeship providers, universities and employers.

Derbyshire YOUTHINC careers advisors were on hand to chat to young people about the options open to them and there were even bigger and better 'have-a-go' activities to try out a new skill including virtual welding, changing spark plugs on a car engine, cake decorating, nail art, window dressing and even analysing their own fingerprints.

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