Health and Safety

Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service complies with the County Council's Health and Safety Policy. We ask that you:

  • make sure you follow any health and safety instructions given to you by a tutor, volunteer or other member of centre staff;
  • make sure you comply with safe working practices and use any safety devices and protective equipment provided;
  • make sure you know where the fire exits are and that you know what to do in an emergency;
  • report any Health and Safety issues or concerns to your tutor or other member of centre staff;
  • do not leave things lying around unnecessarily to keep working areas and gangways clear;
  • clean up spills immediately, wash your hands after using materials and before handing food;
  • do not lift heavy objects;
  • do not stand on chairs or tables to obtain items out of reach;
  • leave the building immediately when the fire alarm sounds, not stopping to collect personal belongings, and make your way to the designated assembly point.
  • Inform the tutor, or other member of staff, of any accidents or incidents that have occurred during a session.