Get ahead in life and work

Here at the Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service, we are committed to providing you with courses in your area to help you to achieve your true potential in life and work. We offer courses for a wide range of abilities in a huge range of subjects.

Explore the pages on the left, and browse our website to find out more information to help match you to your perfect course.

We offer learning in

  • Get into Work (opens in a new window) whether you are just starting out in the world of work, want to get on in work or back into work, we have a range of courses and workshops to help you.
  • Get Ahead in English and Maths improve your reading and writing, and gain nationally recognised qualifications to help you in life and work.
  • Get on Develop and Grow courses for those who want to get on in life: make the most of what you've got, your skills and make the most of you.
  • Health, Social and Childcare we offer a range of programmes for learners and employers