Weekly outdoor market for Matlock

27 March 2014

A weekly outdoor market in Hall Leys Park in Matlock will start in May.

We have agreed to pay £10,000 to run the market after being approached by the Matlock Town Team, which is made up of local independent traders to provide and improve businesses opportunities.

Councillor Andy Botham, our Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said:

The market will help to regenerate Matlock by making it a more attractive place to visit which will help existing retailers in the town 

"It will also help offer opportunities for new businesses to start up at a low cost."

We will run the market with the Matlock Town Team and Derbyshire Dales District Council and it will form part of the 'love your market' campaign aimed at supporting new traders and business start-ups.

The market will start in May with further details to be announced shortly. If successful, plans are in place to make the new market a permanent feature in the town.

Matlock Town Council has been running a monthly farmers market in the town for seven years and from April 2012 it has been located in Hall Leys Park, with figures showing footfall has increased since then.

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