Specialist machines to help mend county's potholes

26 March 2014

We're hiring in two specialist 'jetpatcher' machines to speed up repairs to potholes across the county.

The jetpatcher uses a high velocity air stream to clear existing holes of any debris and water as well as laying and compacting new asphalt. 

Hiring the machines in will cost £100,000.

It's all part of our work to help clear the backlog of urgent repairs caused by the extreme wet winter weather.

Our road workers are already working extra hours to help fix the backlog of potholes, and the jetpatchers will give an extra boost to their work.

Our Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, Councillor Dean Collins said:

"We're doing all we can to mend as many potholes as fast as we can, and the jetpatcher machines will speed up progress.

"The extreme winter weather has taken its toll on our roads, but I can assure people that we are doing all we can to repair our roads as soon as possible."

We look after around 3,500 miles of roads and pavements.

If you spot a pothole report it and we'll sort it. You can report potholes online or by calling us on 01629 533190.


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