Matlock residents to be consulted on parking scheme

25 June 2014

Residents in a large part of Matlock are to be asked for their views about introducing a residents' parking scheme.

Councillor Andy Botham, our Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, explains why:

"We have been asked by a number of local residents who live close to County Hall to introduce a residents' parking scheme to stop workers parking on local streets.

"So we've looked carefully at the area and are proposing quite a large scheme. Now we want to know what local people think."

The area we are suggesting could be suitable for a residents' parking scheme is from Steep Turnpike, Chesterfield Road and the A6, and includes Smedley Street, Hurds Hollow, the Megdale estate, Cavendish estate and all roads off. Approximately 2,000 households and businesses are in the proposed area.

A survey is being distributed to all households and businesses in the area.  If two thirds of those who respond are in favour of a parking scheme the council will then formally consult. If less than two thirds of those who respond are not in favour then the resident parking scheme will not go any further.

If a resident scheme was introduced the costs to local residents and businesses would be:

  • Resident permits - £35 per year for the first vehicle, £50 a year for any other.
  • Business permits - £70 per vehicle per year
  • All day visitor permits - £3
  • Disabled permits − free

The deadline for those wanting to respond is Monday 16 July.

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