Cabinet decisions - 28 January 2014

29 January 2014

Here's a summary of the decisions made by our Cabinet on Tuesday 28 January 2014. For more information about any of these decisions, visit our meetings section (opens in a new window)

Council tax and budget for the year ahead

A list of proposals for making £36.7m worth of cuts to our budget for 2014/15 has been approved by Cabinet to allow the relevant public consultations to go ahead.

Reductions in Government grants, inflation and greater demands on areas of the budget for adult social care and vulnerable children mean we must cut £157m from its budget by 2018.

Cabinet also agreed to set the council's annual budget for 2014/15 at £515.030m and raise council tax by 1.99% - subject to the Government confirming a referendum would not be needed for increases of 2% or less.

All these matters are set to be considered by Full Council on 5 February.

Council Plan

Cabinet approved the draft Council Plan for 2014-2017 to allow consultation with key stakeholders to take place.

Council Plans are drawn up to establish and communicate an authority's key priorities to a wide range of stakeholders including members of the public, service users, councillors, employees, businesses and partner organisations.

The report will now be considered by Full Council on 5 February.

Budget consultation

Cabinet considered a report into the findings of a public consultation about the budget held in Derbyshire last year.

More than 2,800 people took part in the Your Derbyshire, Your Say consultation which asked people for their views about options for setting council tax as well as asking them to prioritise council services by sharing out a 'notional' £100 among services they thought were the most important.

58% of respondents said they would support a council tax increase of 2% or more.

The top three priorities awarded the most notional funding were: delivering jobs and growth; roads and pavements; and support to help people live in their own homes.

Revenue budget monitoring 2013/14

Cabinet was updated on the latest budget monitoring reports for each department. The overall position shows departmental overspends of £6.959m for the year up until 30 November 2013.

Capital budget monitoring 2013/14

Cabinet was informed of the latest budget monitoring for capital schemes currently in progress.

Reserves position

Cabinet was updated on the position with council reserves. At 31 December 2013 we had a total of £212m in reserves. However we hold £59m of this for schools and another £112m for specific issues, such as meeting equal pay claims. There is currently £41m held in general reserves - which is around the amount it is prudent to hold to meet any unexpected costs in the future.

Prudential code for capital finance, capital programme approvals and treasury management strategy

The capital programme and treasury management strategy for 2014/15 was discussed. New capital schemes proposed for the coming year total £59m, with borrowing for these new schemes being £9m. This is considerably less than in previous years. The total capital programme for the year is expected to cost in the region of £152m.

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