New library proposed for Heanor

7 April 2014

We are going to discuss proposals to create a new purpose-built library in Heanor next week (Tuesday 15 April).

A structural engineer's report recommends the existing library should be closed on safety grounds unless it is immediately renovated − a project which would cost more than providing a brand new building.

We will consider a recommendation to demolish the existing building and provide a new library and car park on the same site in Ilkeston Road at a meeting on Tuesday 15 April.

We will also consider a recommendation to temporarily relocate the library in a vacant shop in the town centre − potential locations are currently being investigated. The library will close on Thursday 17 April.

Our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Dave Allen said:

"We appreciate some people may be concerned about the temporary loss of their library but we have no choice as it is becoming unsafe and no longer cost effective to repair.

"These proposals present us with an excellent opportunity to consider a new purpose-built library in Heanor which is fit for the future and offers residents a wide range of modern, accessible services.

"Meanwhile we will do everything we can to ensure library users are not without their service for too long and have already extended borrowing times and waived charges for overdue items."

The proposal to build a new library will cost £892,500 − compared to a complete renovation of the existing building which would cost £850,000 plus ongoing maintenance and repair bills.

Heanor Library was built in the 1950s using timber posts and beams which have required significant structural repairs over the years and were badly affected by the recent severe wet winter weather.

The branch has 5,600 registered members, with around 750 new members joining every year. Around 80,000 books were borrowed last year and the on-site public computers were booked nearly 20,000 times.

While a new home is sought for a temporary library, people can continue to borrow books and use the other services up until April 17.

Borrowing times are already being extended and people will not be charged if an item becomes overdue as a result of the closure. People in the area using the home library service will not be affected by the closure.

If the proposals are approved it is estimated a new library could be in place by March 2015.

Up-to-date information on the temporary library site will be posted here: (opens in a new window)

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