Decisions made about primary school places

16 April 2014

Parents who have applied to us for a primary school place for their child will soon know the outcome.

We will make offers of places to 11,134 Derbyshire children today, Wednesday 16 April.

Of those who applied by the closing date for infant places, 93.1% will be offered their first choice, while 98.2% will get one of their top three preferences.

For junior school places almost 97.6% of parents will get their first choice of school and 99.4% will get one of their top three choices.

Councillor Kevin Gillott, our Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said:

We do our very best to balance the requests of parents with the places available at each school.

"We're pleased the majority of parents have got their child into one of their preferred schools − even through the number of applications has increased slightly this year.

"We want children to have the best start to their education and we will continue to work with parents and carers throughout their child's school life."

This year, a record 99.8% of parents made their primary application online.

Parents who gave an email address will receive an email about their child's place after 9.30am on 16 April.

Alternatively they can log on to our website after 9.30am at (opens in a new window) using their user ID and log in to get the result.

Those parents who did not provide an email address, or who applied on paper, will receive a letter posted second class today, Wednesday 16 April.

There is no automatic right to a place at a particular school. The small number of parents who have not got a place at their preferred school have the right to appeal to an independent panel. Appeals should be submitted by Friday 23 May.

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