September road improvement round-up

11 September 2013

More than £319,000 is being invested in road repairs and improvements across the county this month.

The money is part of a £35 million package we are spending on improving the roads in 2013/14.

Councillor Dean Collins, deputy cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport, said:

We are committed to repairing and improving roads and pavements across the county - it's what local people want and expect. 

"We want to build a strong economy that creates jobs and supports businesses and a thriving economy needs an efficient transport network." 

During September, work to improve Derbyshire's roads will include:

Amber Valley £53,316

  • Shirley Road, Butterfield Crescent and Belvedere Close, Swanwick - pavement resurfacing - £28,316
  • B600 Chapel Street, Alfreton - pelican crossing refurbishment - £25,000

Bolsover £98,000

  • Hennymoor Lane, Belph - road resurfacing - £98,000

Chesterfield £65,000

  • Newbold Road, Newbold - road resurfacing - £25,000
  • Brimington Road, Tapton - pavement resurfacing - £40,000         

Erewash £25,206

  • Trowell Grove, Long Eaton - pavement resurfacing - £25,206

North East Derbyshire £43,000

  • Birches Fold, Coal Aston - road resurfacing - £23,000
  • Sheffield Road, Dronfield - road resurfacing - £20,000 

High Peak £35,000

  • Grinlow Road, Buxton - road resurfacing - £35,000 

Further road maintenance will be carried out across the county in areas including: 

Amber Valley

  • Leashaw Road, Holloway - rebuilding a retaining wall
  • Bullbridge Hill, Bullbridge - road patching 


  •  B6418 Station Road, Clowne - road resurfacing 


  • B6053 Hawthorn Hill, Staveley - railway bridge examination 

Derbyshire Dales

  • A5012 Via Gellia, Ible − road resurfacing
  • A515 Station Street, Ashbourne - pavement sealing and repair work
  • B6049 Blackwell to Miller's Dale - road surface dressing
  • Unnamed road, Great Hucklow - road surface dressing 


  •  Hopwell Road, Draycott - bridge examination

High Peak

  • Old Road and Lesser Lane, Combs − road resurfacing
  • Railway Street, Hadfield − road reconstruction
  • Grinlow Road, Buxton − road resurfacing
  • Townhead Bridge and Edale Road, Hope Valley − bridge repair

North East Derbyshire

  • Long Lane, Killamarsh − vegetation clearances
  • Dobbin Lane and Peakley Hill, Barlow − road drainage improvements
  • High Street and Church Street, Dronfield − road patching
  • Lindway Lane, Brackenfield − culvert repairs
  • Back Lane and Calow Green, Calow − road patching 

South Derbyshire

  • Netherhall Road, Hartshorne − road patching
  • Unnamed road, Ingleby − removing overhanging vegetation

Some roads will close temporarily while work takes place.

For more details, including where current and future roadworks and road closures are taking place visit (opens in a new window) and check out the interactive map.

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