Roundabout poised to return to Hasland

11 September 2013

Traffic lights at a Hasland road junction are set to be replaced with a mini-roundabout and other safety measures following calls by local residents for a re-think.

Following a serious accident in March, we have agreed to look again at the junction of Hasland Road and Mansfield Road.

More than 250 people attended a consultation event in June to have their say about the road layout which was introduced in consultation with Hasland and St Leonards Community Forum in December 2011. 

Traffic lights and crossings were originally installed to replace a mini roundabout and zebra crossing following a high number of road accidents. 

But residents raised concerns after the lights were put in place − particularly in relation to congestion and the timings of the lights. 

Staff and councillors worked with the local community, visited the site several times and made changes to the new system to try and address their concerns but residents were still not happy with the layout.

The overwhelming response from people who gave their views at the consultation event was to bring back the mini-roundabout. 

Councillor Joan Dixon, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, approved a report yesterday (10 September) recommending the traffic lights are replaced with measures including a mini-roundabout.

Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, Councillor Dean Collins said:

We've listened to what local people said and it's clear that they want to get rid of the traffic lights and replace them with a mini-roundabout. 

"We can't just put things back exactly as they were before − the old system caused safety concerns at the time.

"But we'll draw-up a fresh set of proposals to include a mini-roundabout alongside other measures to improve safety at the junction.

"And once we have some proposals we think will work, we'll share them with local people so that they can comment on them."

£160,000 has been made available to change the layout of the junction and introduce new safety measures.  A consultation to discuss new measures will be held by the end of the year.

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