Derbyshire's free tree scheme

21 October 2013

Schools, community groups and individuals can apply for up to 250 trees in our free tree scheme launched today.

The free tree give-away aims to hand out over 3,500 saplings and hedgerow plants over the next few months.

The idea is that they will be planted in areas where they will enhance conservation, improve the appearance of the site and benefit the public.

Groups and individuals who wish to take advantage of the scheme have until Friday 20 December to apply for free trees and shrubs including English Oak, Field Maple, Silver Birch and Rowan.

Councillor Andy Botham, our Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs, Economy and Transport, said:

"Free trees will be available to a variety of groups and individuals to plant in areas where they will improve the environment and can be appreciated by residents and visitors.

"This scheme is an excellent way of increasing the amount of tree cover in our county to improve our environment, and we hope lots of people will take advantage of the give-away."

The trees and shrubs are grown from seeds collected in and around Derbyshire and grown-on in nurseries in Scotland.

The scheme costs £1,000 to run and comes from our countryside budget.

Anyone interested in applying for free trees can download an application form at: (opens in a new window), or by emailing

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