Plans to help people live healthier lives

26 November 2013

Local people will be given more support to adopt healthier lifestyles under new plans.

The new approach will provide extra support for people who are most at risk of ill health and more accessible wellbeing services.

Three existing service areas - help to stop smoking, weight management and our successful 'health trainer' programme - will be combined to local offer people one point of access for health and wellbeing support.

A team of 'wellbeing workers' will head up the new service providing a range of advice and support and pointing people in the right direction for help from other services when they need it.

Councillor Dave Allen, our Cabinet Member for Health and Communities, said:

"By providing more services through a single contact we aim to cut the risk of people slipping through the net. It will also make it easier for people to get advice on a range of health and wellbeing issues."

Recently published health statistics for Derbyshire highlight places where low household incomes are causing people to suffer poor health.

Councillor Allen added:

"Derbyshire is an extremely diverse county and needs a service capable of tackling the very different health and wellbeing needs of each community.

"Our aim is to get help where it's needed to address local priorities. That's why we are also putting in place a number of initiatives to help people who are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living."

We are continuing to fund Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) sessions in GP surgeries and extending CAB to all children's centres to help low income families struggling with debt. 

Derbyshire Credit Unions have been invited to bid for a share of £360,000 county council funding to help them extend their instant loans scheme and the authority has awarded a further £108,000 to local food banks to support people with emergency food parcels. 

Plans are now being drawn up to give local residents the opportunity to provide feedback on the new ideas.

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