Decision on station fund awaited

Ilkeston proposed station arrangement

6 March 2013

We are waiting to hear whether our bid for a slice of Government cash to help fund a new train station for Ilkeston has been successful.

An application for £4.574 million has been submitted to the Government's £20 million New Station Fund.

And if the bid is successful, a new station could be up and running in Ilkeston by the end of 2014.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Deputy Leader and cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said:

"We welcome the opportunity to bid into the fund to turn our plans into a reality.

"Ilkeston is the largest town in the UK without a train station − despite having a passenger railway running through it.

"A train station would help reduce congestion on local roads − particularly to Nottingham −  improve access to jobs, training and education for Ilkeston residents and attract more people to the town to access its facilities."

He added:

"It would also support economic growth and vibrancy by helping the town accommodate up to 2,700 new houses, improve traffic noise and air quality as well as supporting our commitment to promote environmentally-friendly forms of travel."

We have been leading the project working with partners including train operators Network Rail to develop plans for a station which is estimated to cost more than £6m.

To date £1m has been made available through the Nottingham Housing Market Area's Joint Planning Advisory Board as long as the remainder can be found.

And we have earmarked a further £754,000 for the project.

The Department of Transport is expected to announce which bids have been successful in the summer.

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