Alternative solutions sought for Hasland junction

20 March 2013

We are seeking alternative solutions to replace existing traffic lights and pedestrian crossings at a Hasland road junction.

The current layout was created at the junction of Hasland Road and Mansfield Road in consultation with Hasland and St Leonards Community Forum in December 2011.

Traffic lights and crossings were introduced to replace a mini roundabout and zebra crossing which were removed following a high number of road accidents.

But when the traffic lights and crossings were put in place, residents raised concerns about the new layout − particularly in relation to congestion and the timings of the lights.

Staff and councillors have worked with the local community, visited the site several times and made changes to the new system to try and address these concerns.
And following a meeting last month, we have pledged to continue monitoring and reviewing the situation.

Now, following a serious accident which happened at the weekend around 60 metres from the junction, our Deputy Leader and senior director for highways have visited the site.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

"The layout of the junction was initially changed because of the high number of accidents. But one accident is still one too many.

"We're aware of people's concerns and we said we'd keep a close eye on the situation. That's why I've asked the Strategic Director for highways to carry out a full review of the junction and measures currently in place."

As part of the review, the county council will;

− Monitor traffic movements using traffic sensors and CCTV
− Work with the Hasland Traffic Light Working Group to try to find an alternative solution
− Ask local people for their views by emailing
− Hold a drop-in event so people can talk to the senior director for highways about problems they've experienced at the junction.

Councillor Spencer added:

"Improving Derbyshire's roads is one of our top priorities and that was why the new layout was introduced. But clearly there's still work to be done.

"We'll consult fully with the local community on any changes we propose.

"But first we want to hear from you. So please get in touch with any issues you wish to raise about the junction, no matter how big or small. We're always happy to hear from local people."

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