Meet the fostering team at Belper games

17 July 2013

There are just under 700 children in care in Derbyshire and they all need a place to call home. That's where foster carers step in to play a vital role in a child's life.

Our fostering team will be out and about across the county this summer talking to people about making the first steps into caring.

The team will make their first stop at the Belper Games on Saturday July 20.

The games are being held at Belper Rugby Club and the team will be there between 11am − 4pm. Why not pop along and find out more about fostering for Derbyshire county council.

Our Cabinet member for Children and Young Adults Kevin Gillott says:

"Fostering, like parenting, is challenging but highly rewarding work. There are lots of different types of fostering available depending on your circumstances.

"We offer lots of benefits, support and training to all our foster carers as well as competitive financial allowances.

"Why not have an informal chat with a member of our fostering team to find out more about becoming a foster carer."

For more information call Derbyshire free on 0800 083 7744 or visit our fostering and adoption pages

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