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25 February 2013

Do you have what it takes to stop traffic?

New school crossing patrol staff are needed across the county.

We need to fill 24 vacancies including spots in Etwall, Melbourne, Heage, Kirk Hallam, Langley Mill, Killamarsh, Wessington, Blackwell, Old Glossop and Bamford.

The posts are open to people aged 18 or over who can spare a few hours a week during term time in order to make a real contribution to the safety of local schoolchildren.

There is no upper age limit, full training will be given and people will be paid £6.77 an hour.

Two people could do the position as a job share - with one taking the morning and one the afternoon.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

"School crossing patrols play an important role in our communities.

"They give parents peace of mind by helping children cross busy roads - ensuring that children get to school safely.

"We supply uniform and give full training plus we offer people the satisfaction of knowing they are making a real difference in their community."

For further information with no obligation please call 01629 538063.

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