Our boost for Derbyshire's future sports stars

6 December 2013

We've given a funding boost to help support Derbyshire's future sports stars.

We agreed on Tuesday (December 3) to carry on contributing financially to a partnership which aims to make Derbyshire one of the most active and successful sporting counties by 2020.

The Derbyshire Institute of Sport Partnership − made up of us, Derby City Council and the University of Derby − wants to help more local performers compete at national and international level by 2015.

Our Deputy Cabinet Member for Health and Communities Councillor Paul Smith is on the management committee governing the programme.
He said:

"Thanks to initiatives like this I hope that one day in the future one of those young people standing on the winners' podium at a major sporting event or the Olympics will be from Derbyshire.

"The Derbyshire Institute of Sport Partnership has been a great success leading to great improvements in results among young people.

"The youngsters who have been helped often go on to become positive role models for their friends, in their communities and beyond.

"Sport can play a positive role in the lives of young people, help keep them healthy and provide all kinds of opportunities and we are keen to support access for all people, regardless of ability." 

The partnership, which has been running for three years, has three key ambitions:

  • To increase participation
  • To develop talent
  • To encourage and support Derbyshire youngsters to represent their county and their country in major sporting championships and the Olympics.

The partnership is already supporting young people who compete at regional and national level but who don't get National Lottery funding.

It has already improved levels of coaching, access to sports science and helped with better medical support in recent years.

The programme is led by Derbyshire's Andy Wood, one of the country's top performance coaches, working with local school sports partnerships and national governing bodies.

There is recognition that despite the good work achieved already more could be done to further improve opportunities and support.

We've agreed to continue contributing £50,000 a year for the next three years to support this initiative supplemented by a one-off sum of £60,000.
This commitment is conditional on similar funding coming from partners Derby City Council and the University of Derby and at the end of the three years there will be a review.

Through Derbyshire Sport we are involved in numerous development programmes to help people of all abilities enjoy and achieve their full potential in a wide range of sports.

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