Local area committees

Local area committees operate throughout the county and their role has been enhanced so that communities can have a bigger voice on issues affecting their area.

We've eight local area committees which meet on a quarterly basis to develop a shared understanding of the local area and identifying key issues affecting communities which we need to address.

Members of the public may ask questions at our Local Area Committee meetings.

No notice is required but, in order to receive a fuller response, members of the public who wish to ask a question are encouraged to notify us of the question or the agenda item to which it relates, no later than 12 noon the day before the meeting.

Supplementary questions arising directly out of the original question or the reply may be asked.

Questions should be submitted in advance to democratic services, email: democratic.services@derbyshire.gov.uk or tel: 01629 538327.

If you need committee information before the dates available, please email: democratic.services@derbyshire.gov.uk or tel: 01629 538357.