Hayfield and Tapton Lock visitor centres

Consultation opening date
24 March 2016
Consultation closing date
06 May 2016
Status: Results Available

What this consultation is about

Derbyshire Challenge (2)

We wanted your views on the possible closure of visitors services at Hayfield Countryside Centre and Tapton Lock Visitors Centre.

By 2020 the funding we get from Government will be more than a third lower than in 2010.

We're protecting frontline services and vulnerable people as much as we can, supporting businesses and the voluntary sector and protecting local jobs. But the size of the cuts mean we have no choice about scaling back most of the services we provide − particularly when, by law, we do not have to provide them.

It will mean many of the services we provide will change and some will stop altogether. We asked you to complete a questionnaire giving us your views on proposals to close two of our visitors centres, at Hayfield and Tapton Lock and to support alternative delivery mechanisms or development opportunities for the centres.

Both visitors centres offer an information service, refreshments and a small shop, toilets and a tramper service for hire. If the centres were to close these services could be affected.

The consultation is now closed. A report was presented to Cabinet, 20 September 2016, Agenda item no 30

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Paulette Walters
Shand House,
01629 533301

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  • Chesterfield
  • High Peak

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