Community transport

Consultation opening date
20 July 2015
Consultation closing date
15 September 2015
Status: Results Available

What this consultation is about

Derbyshire Challenge (2)

We're facing budget pressures like never before and need to cut £157m by 2018.

Reductions in Government grants, inflation and greater demands on areas of our budget for adult social care and vulnerable children mean we must re-think the way we deliver services.

It means some services will remain, some will be run differently, but some will have to stop.

Last year we were proposing to withdraw all funding − £1.41m - for community transport from April 2016.

We asked you to complete a bus user survey, so we could understand about the journeys you make and what the impact would be on you if funding was withdrawn.

You told us that the most popular journey using community transport was for shopping to a nearby town centre or supermarket and that you would be willing to pay a higher Gold Card fare.

The consultation is now closed. a report was presented to Cabinet, 26 January 2016, Agenda item 19 (opens in a new window)

What else do you need to know?

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How to take part

We are carrying out this consultation in the following ways:

  • Questionnaire - Online
  • Questionnaire - Paper

Who to contact about this consultation

Elaine Wachlarz, senior transport officer (community)
Economy, Transport and Environment,
Derbyshire County Council,
County Hall,

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Who is the consultation aimed at?

Which part of Derbyshire is this consultation aimed at?

  • All Derbyshire (excluding Derby City)

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  • All

How will we let you know the results?

Feedback about this consultation will be available by the following methods:

  • Our website