School Councils

School Councils are an important way in which the views of pupils can influence decision-making in Derbyshire schools. 

The vast majority of schools now have an active School Council and more ambitious schools have provided opportunities for their School Councils to be actively involved in the development of their School Improvement Plans.

Indeed, some schools have a specific section within such plans which identifies the way in which the School Council contributes to the continuing improvement of the school.

School Councils have also been important in taking the lead when it comes to raising funds for charities and local community initiatives.

They therefore play an important part in ensuring schools are able to meet their responsibilities regarding community cohesion both within and beyond the local community.

Recently, the Derbyshire Healthy Schools Team have been developing a new model for School Councils which encourages individual council members to take on specific responsibilities as cabinet members. 

For more information about this initiative please contact:

Marianne Rawson
Tel: 01246 868444
More information can be found on School Councils UK (opens in a new window) website.