Use your vote Derbyshire County Council elections Thursday 4 May 2017

Elections to the county council take place every four years and the next one is being held on Thursday 4 May 2017.

This is your chance to have a real say in how we're run and we're encouraging you to use your vote.

Find out more about using your vote (opens in a new window).

Here you can find out how to stand as a candidate, how to register to vote, different ways of voting and more information about different types of election.

Deputy Returning Officers for each district and borough council organise the detailed election planning in their areas on our behalf. If you are interested in standing, or want to find out more about the election in your local area, they should be your first point of contact.

They can advise on matters including election notices, nomination papers, polling stations and counts.

There is also a handy election timetable where you can find key dates in the run-up to 4 May 2017 attached to this page.

Copies of the Notices of Election are attached to this page.

Find out about standing as a candidate.

Find out more about voting and the local election in Derbyshire.

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