Parish and Town Council Liaison in Derbyshire

The Parish and Town Council Liaison is a partnership between us, Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (DALC) and the local parish and town councils in Derbyshire.

How does the partnership work?

A Parish and Town Council Liaison Forum has been established to further co-operation and communication between us and parish and town councils.

It is also an opportunity to discuss sharing responsibilities for services and to consult on the priorities for local communities in Derbyshire.


Parish and town councils are often the first point of contact for local people and they know the main issues for their individual communities. This local knowledge is essential to ensure that the county wide strategies respond to the needs of local people and help to improve the lives for everybody in Derbyshire.

Parish and town councils may be able to improve the lives of people in their own areas by gaining knowledge of projects and plans taking place in other parishes or on a county wide level.

Find information on the forum on the parish and town council liaison forum page.

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