Town and parish councils

Parish and town councils (sometimes called civil parishes) are one of the three tiers of local government, along with the county and district, borough or city councils.

There are 204 parish and town councils in Derbyshire.

The chairman of the town council is called the Town Mayor.
They can cover quite large populations and will often provide a wide variety of services that may include:

  • leisure facilities
  • supporting museums
  • running tourist information centres
  • town centre closed circuit TV
  • swimming pools
  • parks
  • maintaining closed Church of England churchyards
  • maintaining halls
  • allotments.

Parish councils are typically responsible for:

  • maintaining their village hall
  • providing allotments
  • running Tidy Your Village competitions
  • maintaining their parish churchyard
  • commenting on planning applications in their parish.

Parish councils will meet in their local village hall, school or community centre and normally they will have a clerk and other part-time staff.

If a parish has less then 150 electors it has a parish meeting instead of a parish council. 

There is a Derbyshire Association of Local Councils and a National Association of Local Councils - you can find out more by using the related links on this page.

You can also access town and parish council information by using the Derbyshire Directory - please see the related links on this page.

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