Our Cabinet is responsible for many of our day-to-day decisions.

What does Cabinet do?

The Cabinet usually meets every three weeks and makes decisions about our policies and budgets.

Any decisions it wants to make which are outside of the budget or policy framework must be referred to full council for discussion by all councillors.

Cabinet also works closely with chief officers to agree policy for different services and departments.

We published a list of key decisions. This shows the key decisions it is likely to take in the next month. You can find out more on the key decisions page.

Who makes up the Cabinet?

The Cabinet is made up of six councillors and led by the Council Leader.

You can find out more about our Cabinet members and their responsibilities on the cabinet members web page.

How do I ask a question at Cabinet?

Members of the public can ask questions on the open section of the Cabinet agenda. You do not need to give notice of your question but the question must relate to an item on the agenda for the meeting.

You are encouraged to notify the Democratic Services Team of your question or the agenda item to which it relates, the day before the meeting.

By doing so, this should enable a fuller response to be provided. You will be allowed to ask a supplementary question provided that it arises directly out of the original question or the response.

Come along to a meeting of Cabinet

Our Cabinet meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to come along and view the proceedings.

It's unlikely you'll be able to speak at this meeting but in special circumstances you may be invited to do so by the Chair.

Contact us to find out more about attending a Cabinet meeting.


Roy Ackrill

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