Cabinet members

The cabinet is made up of six councillors, led by Council Leader Councillor Anne Western.

The six cabinet members each have responsibility for a portfolio and there are nine additional deputy cabinet members across the portfolios.

The new cabinet line-up is:

Strategic Policy and Budget

  • Council Leader Councillor Anne Western, Council Leader and cabinet member
  • Councillor Ron Mihaly, Deputy Cabinet Member

Children's Services

  • Councillor Jim Coyle, Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Caitlin Bisknell, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Damien Greenhalgh, Deputy Cabinet Member

Highways, Transport and Infrastructure

  • Councillor Dean Collins, Cabinet Member
  • Councillor John Owen, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Paul Dunn, Deputy Cabinet Member

Health and Communities

  • Councillor Dave Allen, Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Ellie Wilcox, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Julie Hill, Deputy Cabinet Member

Adult Social Care

  • Councillor Paul Smith, Cabinet Member and Deputy Council Leader
  • Councillor Paul Jones, Deputy Cabinet Member
  • Councillor Robert Davison, Deputy Cabinet Member

Council Services

  • Councillor Andy Botham, Cabinet Member