Council tax

Council tax is a locally set tax that is based on the value of your property at April 1991.

The amount of council tax you pay helps meet the cost of all services provided by the local authorities in the area including the district, borough or city council, Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service and the town or parish council where you live.

Within the county council, the amount of council tax paid helps towards the services we all rely on like roads, schools, buses, waste disposal and libraries, but more than that it pays for those services that few of us use but we need, services such as:

  • protection for children who are at risk of harm
  • home support and residential care for the elderly
  • special education for children with learning difficulties
  • consumer and benefits advice.

We know times are tough and we know your council tax is one of the biggest bills you receive each year. Like councils across the country we're facing up to some really difficult choices that will prevent us asking you to dig even deeper to pay for your council services.

We're raising our share of council tax by 3.99%, this includes 2% to support the delivery of adult social care duties and responsibilities.

We're making sure services are delivered fairly across the whole of Derbyshire and we'll continue to work hard to make your council tax go further so you get even better value for money.

What we promise is that you get:

  • good value for your money
  • high quality, flexible services that meet your needs
  • help to improve your community, your health and your life.
We're taking tough decisions and we aim to be a fair and efficient council.