Feedback - how it works

Our website lets you see a satisfaction "tick" rating for all Trusted Traders and also includes comments from other customers who have used the trader. In this way, the experience of other customers can help you decide which Trusted Trader to use.

We're sure that making greater use of customer feedback will improve the Trusted Trader scheme. People looking for a reputable and honest trader can check the views of other customers and those members with the best feedback will benefit.

However, there are many things to consider when choosing a trader and the online ratings are merely intended to help customers make their choice.

Customers should bear in mind that any published comments are the opinions of other people. 

How we collect feedback about Trusted Traders

We want to make sure that Trusted Traders are dealing with customers in a way which meets the rules of the scheme. Consequently, Trusted Traders are required to leave feedback cards and encourage customers to fill them in.

If you don't get a feedback card or you prefer to go online, you can also give feedback at Rate a Trusted Trader (opens in a new window).

How feedback ratings are developed

There are two parts of a customer's feedback which affect a Trusted Trader's rating;

Firstly, the customer's overall satisfaction with the Trusted Trader they used. If customers are "very satisfied" the Trusted Trader gets the maximum five tick rating. We give four ticks for "satisfied" and this continues all the way down to one tick in the rare cases where a customer is "very dissatisfied".

Secondly, we consider any additional customer comments. Customers are invited to give additional comments and to indicate whether or not they are happy for their comments to be published online.

If they tick "no", we won't publish their comments. If they tick "yes", then (subject to the checks explained below) we may transfer the information onto our website for others to see.

We won't publish the names or telephone numbers of any customers leaving feedback and we won't disclose these details to third parties without the customer's consent.

Trading Standards checks

We carry out checks on selected customer feedback cards to make sure they are genuine. If necessary, we'll speak to the Trusted Trader and the customer to check it out. Under the Trusted Trader Code of Practice, any member of the scheme who abuses the feedback system can have their membership revoked.

Once we're happy, the customer's satisfaction rating will be used to update the overall tick rating for the Trusted Trader.

The level of satisfaction reported by the customer is their own opinion of the service they got from the Trusted Trader they used. For this reason, it will always be used to update Trusted Trader's tick rating.

The overall tick rating displayed for a Trusted Trader is simply an average of the individual satisfaction scores they've received from each customer giving feedback.

We deal with any additional comments made as follows;

As you would expect from our Trusted Traders, the vast majority of comments are positive and we will simply check them for spelling before publishing them to the website.

If we get negative comments, the action we take depends on whether the customer can be identified and, if so, whether they give us permission to discuss the case with the Trusted Trader concerned.

We are not able to publish negative comments in cases where the customer can't be identified or doesn't want to us to discuss it with the Trusted Trader. This is because we need to speak to both the customer and trader to get a balanced account of what has gone on. We will only publish a negative comment if we have investigated the comment and believe it to be justified.

We want our feedback system to be up to date. To do this, the tick ratings and comments we show will be limited to feedback received over the last three years.

The tick rating and customer comments for each Trusted Trader get updated on the website every week. It may take a week or so before any positive comments submitted are published. Negative comments are dealt with as described above and the process of discussing them with both the customer and the Trusted Trader takes a lot longer to complete.

In order to safeguard the reputation of the scheme, we reserve the right not to publish any comment which is regarded as inappropriate in any way. Our decision in such cases is final.