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Supplier logo 50-54 Elmton Road Creswell Derbyshire S80 4JE 01909 724061 07860473998 Types of food served Sandwiches and other filled bread products, Cake, Breakfasts, Dinner, Lunch, Vegan, Baked Potatoes, Home Baked items, Gluten free, Ways to Eat here Take Out, Eat In, Cafe Opening Times Mon to Fri - 9am - 4.30pm
Saturdays - 9am - 12noon
We close on bank holidays.
Additional information Free Wi-Fi available If you wish to join a luncheon club phone 01909724061. Luncheon clubs are Mondays & Fridays. If you wish to visit as a group and would like to book (for 12 max) a 2 course meal phone 01909724061.
Supplier logo Gold Member Food Hygiene rating 5 Joined on 04/12/2014

About Elmton & Creswell Village Co

Limestone House is a Community Centre with the 'Memory Lane Cafe' - tables in the heritage centre - which depicts the limestone journey from the ice age to date. The Community Centre is in the centre of the Creswell village approx: 1 mile away from Creswell crags Heritage Trust.
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Pledges on fat
Use an oil for frying with less than 15g saturated fat per 100g such as rapeseed or sunflower oil. Use lean minced meat or drain off the fat. Trim excess fat from meat and remove skin from chicken. Use cooked meats with all visible fat trimmed off. Offer to grill, bake, poach or steam food instead of frying. Use or offer less cheese in fillings and toppings. Use or offer single cream or low fat crème fraiche or natural yogurt instead of double cream. Use or offer skimmed, 1% or semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat milk. Use or offer no spread/butter, low fat spread or less butter. Offer low fat or fat free natural yogurts as a dessert. Use or offer food without mayonnaise or dressings.
Pledges on Salt
Remove salt from tables and counters so customers don't just add it automatically. Add less salt when cooking food or use alternatives such as a low salt/sodium product. Don't add salt when boiling food such as rice, pasta, potatoes or vegetables. Use herbs or spices to improve the flavour of food rather than salt.
Pledges on fruit, vegetables and wholegrain
Use or offer non processed vegetables or salad. Offer wholemeal or wheat germ bread, pitta bread, flatbreads, naan, chappatis, pizza base etc.
Pledges on sugar
Offer water, sugar free drinks or fruit juice. Use or offer fruit in fruit juice rather than syrup.
Pledges on allergens, smaller portions, alcohol and breastfeeding
Offer dishes which are guaranteed to be free from specified allergens. Offer small portions or servings.

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