About Heart of Derbyshire

Heart of Derbyshire aims to give customers a healthier choice when eating out or purchasing takeaways from Derbyshire caterers.

Members of the scheme have pledged to offer healthier food or use healthier ingredients.

Members will have made pledges under the following headings: fat, salt, fruit, vegetables and wholegrain, sugar, portion sizes, allergens, alcoholic drinks and breastfeeding. The exact details of the pledges they have made can be found at the bottom of their members' page.

There are three levels of membership determined by the number of pledges made and the food hygiene rating of the member. For example a food hygiene rating of four plus ten pledges equals 14 points.

  • Gold Membership = 19 points
  • Silver Membership = 15 points
  • Bronze Membership = 12 points

Membership is only open to businesses that have gained a minimum score of three under the food hygiene rating scheme.

Environmental Health and Trading Standards officers will verify the accuracy of the pledges made by member businesses.

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