Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Panel is responsible for supporting and scrutinising the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The panel does not have a role in scrutinising the performance of the force (that's the role of the commissioner).

The panel focuses its attention on the strategic actions and decisions made by the commissioner including whether they've:

  • achieved the aims set out in their police and crime plan and annual report
  • considered the priorities of community safety partners
  • consulted appropriately with the public and victims.

Panel powers

The panel has a range of powers and responsibilities relating to the police and crime plan and annual report. These include:

  • making reports and recommendations on these documents which the commissioner must take account of and respond to 
  • publishing all reports and recommendations that it makes
  • holding public meetings to discuss the annual report and question the commissioner.

The panel also makes reports or recommendations (including vetoing with a two-thirds majority) on proposals by the commissioner on:

  • the level of the precept (council tax charge for the police)
  • appointing a chief constable.

Other specific powers held by the police and crime panel include:

  • asking for a professional view from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary if the commissioner is planning to dismiss the Chief Constable
  • appointing an acting commissioner if the elected one can't carry out their role (for health reasons or following resignation or disqualification)
  • holding confirmation hearings for important staff (deputy police and crime commissioner, chief executive, chief finance officer). The panel won't be able to refuse appointments but can make recommendations to the commissioner
  • monitoring complaints against the commissioner and dealing with non-criminal complaints
  • requiring the commissioner (and their staff) to attend panel meetings to answer questions
  • asking the Chief Constable to attend meetings
  • making reports and recommendations on any action or decision of the commissioner.

Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel

Derbyshire's police and crime panel is made up of 14 councillors from each council (unitary, county and districts) within the force area and two independent co-optees:

  • Amber Valley Borough Council - Councillor Chris Short
  • Bolsover District Council - Councillor Brian Murray-Carr
  • Chesterfield Borough Council - Councillor Sharon Blank
  • Chesterfield Borough Council - Councillor Denise Hawksworth
  • Derby City Council - Councillor Paul Pegg
  • Derby City Council - Councillor Jack Stanton
  • Derby City Council - Councillor Philip Hickson
  • Derbyshire County Council - Councillor Julie Hill
  • Derbyshire County Council - Councillor Trevor Southerd
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council - Councillor Lewis Rose
  • Erewash Borough Council - Councillor Carol Hart
  • High Peak Borough Council - Councillor Tim Norton
  • North East Derbyshire District Council - Councillor Lilian Robinson
  • South Derbyshire District Council - Councillor Amy Plenderleith
  • Independent Co-optee - Vicky Newbury
  • Independent Co-optee - Norman Hodges.

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